Managed Back up

Managed Back up

Tailored managed backup solutions
GMAN IT Solutions incorporates managed backup, monitoring and support capabilities to safeguard your business data.   Your most important data will be backed up both locally on-site and in the private or public cloud.

At a minimum, most businesses need incremental, daily and weekly backups.  The most important element in a managed backup system is the ability to restore a lost e-mail, file or hard-disk on short notice.  Backups can often be working, but the data is corrupt, so regular off-site backups, including a restore test are essential.

What’s included?

Scheduled maintenance

An essential element of our managed backup services is having scheduled maintenance throughout the agreement. This is to ensure that every aspect related to your backups is working accordingly and to determine all the updates relevant to the objectives of the company.

Monthly reports

Your business will receive a monthly update on all the consumption, activities, changes, and resolutions. This is so that all our work is completely transparent, and we determine how your usage can be altered if necessary, as the contract progresses. Managed IT monitoring solutions include monthly reports that are necessary from IT providers for many reasons. We give you peace of mind that your systems are secure.

Onsite, private cloud or public cloud

Onsite backups are an option and could be cost effective depending on the level of security required. Empower IT Solutions has data centre facilities of the most secure and resilient nature. The private cloud option is one of the most effective options available for our clients. In order to allow for scalability for your business, having your data backed up and hosted in a private cloud is ideal. For security purposes and scalability, we recommend a hybrid of a few options. The ratio is generally determined based on your current environment and necessary requirements.


Our state of the art monitoring tools are the most effective ways to ensure a highly secure backup system. With your data and systems being consistently monitored, we can identify if there will be any upcoming issues or faults in the nearby future. This way we can resolve any issues and implement another solution to ensure that all your managed backups are consistently updated.

Service level agreements

Service Level Agreements are necessary when we implement a managed backup solution for our clients. This will set the standard for which we are to liaise with our clients. In order to ensure recovery in the event of a critical situation, we will have to implement a complete and transparent agreement with our clients, so we know exactly what is expected of us. We understand that there is an issue with confidentiality and competency with many IT providers and their clients, our SLA’s ensure that our clients mind is at ease.


Business continuity

Having your data and systems backed up is the core of business continuity. When one ensures that their business is continuously backed up, they can come across a system crash, natural disaster or theft of your equipment, and we will be on standby, ready to get your systems up and running again in no time.

Assists with disaster recovery

You will come across many situations which refer to the idea that disaster recovery is impossible if you have not backed up your data somewhere. This is a very important component to consider when setting up your backup agreements with us. Have a look at our business continuity page, to gain a better understanding of exactly which steps Empower IT Solutions recommends in order to ensure disaster recovery.

Understanding data security

The concept of security in regards to IT consists of a variety of components. From the front end, all the way through to the back end of our solutions, all is necessary in order to ensure this concept of secure data. Backups are the absolute platform for ensuring data security. When coupled with monitoring and consistent, responsive support, security of all your data is easily achieved.

High level security within a data centre

One of our main partners being Global Switch, are an international, highly recognised data centre. We utilise their facilities to ensure that all your data is maintained and monitored. Our partners are the best in the industry, we liaise with them on a daily basis to provide the highest quality service to all our clients.