Managed IT Service Desk

Managed IT Service Desk

Tailored managed IT service desk

Our Managed IT help desk and onsite technical staff are certified and come with years of experience dedicated to our product suite. There are several ways to engage with our team including phone or email for all non-crucial issues.
We are constantly evolving so that we can provide you the best help desk service available. Our services include remote management tools that monitor and diagnose IT issues in real time. By using advanced software we can identify underlying issues and potential complications that prevent these problems arising in the first place.

What’s included?

Service desk 

We have put together a specialised team that appreciates speaking to our clients without the “tech talk” and takes pride in providing prompt resolution to your enquiries.  

24 x 7 x 365 OR 5 am – 10 pm Mon – Fri 

Not all businesses are the same and not all staff work a standard 9am – 5pm Monday to Friday. Our help desk is available to take your call when you get an early start and when you work back late.

Single contact for all issues

We’ve made it simple to contact us. We have assigned a single 1300 number for you to call and connect to our help desk where you can speak directly to our team of technical staff that will resolve your issues. 

Tailored to your business requirements 

We will work with your team to understand what your business needs today and also discuss your vision for tomorrow. We have seen clients pay a high price for unnecessary solutions thinking this is the only way to ensure scalability. We prefer to determine what it is you require now and future proof your capacity to upgrade upon request.

Rapid response to major issues 

Our internal escalation process ensures your issue is handled at the highest level to have it resolved as quickly as possible.


Fixed monthly rate

We know that bill shock can be frustrating when running your business. Our Fixed monthly rates ensure that you do not incur unexpected charges over each billing period. As we offer unlimited support calls – you will know that your monthly costs will be fixed so there are no hidden surprises. As your business grows, we can review and make amendments to suit your changing requirements.

Have agreements built on your terms

Once we understand your business needs, we will suggest the best practice solutions for responding to your IT issues. Communicating expectations is key to providing the best SLA’s from our team to enforce your business requirements.

Reduced financial risk

When you upgrade your IT support from an ad-hoc casual support model to a monthly fixed rate solution, it becomes an operational expense. This mitigates any bill shock that would occur under a casual model.  

All-year round support of your IT

We decided to look at our customers and provide a range of support options that work around specific industries. We have created solutions that support your team and the work they perform with continuous support throughout the year.

Highly responsive turn-around time 

Oftentimes clients come to us because they have had bad service experiences with “IT experts”.  Our goal is to deliver the highest level of service possible in the shortest amount of time.